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C & H Tree Surgery offers 24/7 cat rescue in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. We have been called out a few times in the last few years to rescue cats and more recently a stuck drone. If your precious kitten has got stuck in a precarious situation up a tree, don’t hesitate to get in touch as we offer a 24/7 emergency call out. We’re only too happy to get them.

Imagine you’ve been rushing around in the house, late for work and you leave the door open, even temporarily for a moment. The cat dashes out and in blind panic, climbs the nearest tree. Following this, the little ball of fluff becomes scared and freezes at the top of the tree. If this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone as this happens so often but fear not as we can help! Although cats are incredibly good climbers with their claws and nimble movement, they aren’t so good at getting down which is why this issue tends to occur fairly frequently. Descending down a tree trunk headfirst isn’t a cat’s forte paired with a fear of falling so the only option is to sit there until help comes along. This can be very traumatic for cats especially if they’re indoor cats with limited climbing or even outdoor experience. There are various strategies however to help you get your cat down which we’d like to run you through. We hope these will help you in times of need.

Encourage The Cat Down To Come Down

In the best scenario, the cat will come down of its own accord. Even though they may not have the confidence to do so, it is possible for them to try and succeed. It can often take a little bit of time and space for them to build up the courage to try and come down. We encourage you to use a soothing voice in order to coax the cat down or possibly use treats as an incentive. For example, we have used tuna which has a strong odorous smell of course to see if the cat is hungry enough to come down from the tree. 

Another way to encourage the cat to come down from the tree is by putting a mattress, matt, or something soft at the bottom. Providing a focal point for the cat to concentrate on might be big enough to make the cat think it’s safe to jump – almost like a target to aim for. Animals are very clever and can also sense how you’re feeling about the situation which is why it’s very important to remain calm in this instance as the cat will join onto that. Furthermore, keep an eye on your pet, but make sure the scene stays as low-key as possible.

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Provide Assistance

If you’re struggling to get the cat down with the other methods, then it might be time to try something a little more proactive. This essentially means for you to get more involved as opposed to simply standing and waiting. We suggest pointing a laser pen at a spot in the tree that the cat can see, then move it slowly down the tree for the cat to follow. This shows a ‘course’ on the tree trunk and provides a little assistance and distraction for the little cat.  To provide further assistance you could also lean a ladder against the tree providing a bridge effect making it less daunting for the cat. You just need to make sure the ladder is positioned correctly and securely into the ground and against the tree simultaneously.

As we’re full of good ideas, here’s another one. For a more exerted effort you could hoist a laundry basket or pet carrier up to the cat on a rope for it to jump into of course providing the branch isn’t too high. You could also put some treats or food inside it to see if it tempts the cat more to go in. At this point, we’d hope that the little cat jumps in and enjoys the treat all while being abseiled carefully down in the comfort of the basket.

Come To The Rescue 

Now if all those methods don’t work you may need to take action and come to the rescue directly. We recommend trying the other methods first as they require less risk. But, if you need to go up the tree then this may be necessary. In this case, you need to ensure you have an extremely sturdy ladder and some assistance should you potentially fall. We’d also recommend you wear eye protection, gloves, long sleeves, have something soft on the floor in case of falling and a hard hat in case branches fall. As this is the last resort, we would definitely say don’t try this alone in case the worst happens and you need some help.

Call For Help 

If all else fails, and we would always suggest this method first anyway, get in contact with professional support. It is said by some to wait a maximum of 24 hours before doing anything drastic, however, you can use your judgment call on it. If there are serious adverse weather conditions and the cat seems to be in distress then emergency action would likely be needed. If you need our help, call us directly on 07870 587348.

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