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C & H Tree Surgery provides and supplies barn-dried seasoned logs in Plymouth and surrounding areas for up to 5 miles. Further afield may incur a charge with a minimum order of 2 cubic meters.  Bulk purchase discounts are available. All of our logs are air-dried naturally and burn very well.  For more information on how to purchase our logs, please fill out the contact form or call 07870 587348.

Barn Dried Seasoned Logs For Sale Plymouth

If you’re looking for logs, look no further than our exceptional barn-dried seasoned logs, The logs that we deliver are fantastic used in wood-burning stoves and open fires, they can be used immediately.  Our Seasoned logs are dried out naturally in the open air over a long period of time in order to reduce their moisture content until they can be burned efficiently.

Barn-dried seasoned wood ultimately reduces the moisture level of the logs to acceptable levels. Dry logs also burn cleaner when compared with green logs.

Due to new legislation logs must be under 20% moisture content when burned.

Barn-dried logs have a smaller carbon footprint when compared to kiln-dried logs, due to the energy used in the drying process. This is also impacted by the price difference. 

Our barn-dried logs dry naturally in the open air under the cover of a barn and the warmth of the summer sun. 

Barn-dried seasoned wood ultimately reduces the moisture level of the logs to acceptable levels.  These types of logs also burn much clearer when compared with log alternatives.  This makes kiln-dried wood a great investment for families that include young kids or seniors.  Other benefits include;-

  • Easily Ignited.
  • Burns For Longer.
  • Can Be Easily Stored.
  • Smells Great.

Why Choose C & H Tree Surgery?

C & H Tree Surgery has been providing high-quality logs in Plymouth and the surrounding areas for many years now and continues to offer a fantastic delivery service for local customers.  All of our logs are air-dried naturally and burn very well and discounts are available if you’re looking to buy in bulk.

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Looking to buy barn-dried logs in Plymouth?  If so, get in touch with our team today and find out more about prices, discounts, and high-quality logs.  Call us directly on 01752 881036 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Air dried logs available to purchase Plymouth
Barn dried seasoned logs Plymouth

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Works were undertaken exactly as we requested and the garden was left spotless upon completion.

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They are a really friendly and professional team who work to such a high standard! Thank you again and we would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs work doing

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Despite the awful weather, the team remained cheerful and very helpful. Thank you. Would thoroughly recommend

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Logs Plymouth – FAQs

What are the benefits of using barn-dried seasoned logs?

There are a multitude of benefits that you can reap from using Barn-dried seasoned logs. Firstly, they burn much more efficiently when compared to unseasoned logs. Secondly, they also tend to ignite much easier and therefore offer a longer burn time! Additionally, using seasoned logs helps reduce the risk of chimney fires and promotes cleaner and healthier air quality. The main benefits are largely due to the wood having a consistently low moisture content.

Can barn-dried seasoned logs be used immediately after delivery?

This is a great question that we are asked frequently at C&H Tree Surgery. Our logs for sale in Plymouth can be used immediately after delivery. Unlike freshly cut logs, that generally require further drying, barn-dried seasoned logs have already gone through the drying process and can be put to use right away to create that cosy and warm atmosphere.

Where can barn-dried seasoned logs be used?

When it comes to where barn-dried seasoned logs can be used, there are a number of uses and places. Some of the most common places our logs for sale in Plymouth can be used include; residential homes, fire pits, cabins, and other locations with open fireplaces or wood-burning stoves.

Are barn-dried seasoned logs environmentally friendly?

It’s completely true that barn-dried seasoned logs are environmentally friendly. Barn-dried seasoned logs have been properly seasoned and dried for efficient combustion. As a result of this, it leads to reduced emissions and much less impact on the environment when compared to alternatives.

How can I ensure the quality of barn-dried seasoned logs?

The best thing to do to ensure the quality of barn-dried seasoned logs is purchase from reputable and local supplies just like our team at C&H Tree Surgery. It’s important to ensure that the logs you’re purchasing have been well-kept. You can check out our latest customer reviews that highlight the quality of our logs!

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