Fencing Plymouth

Here at C & H Tree Surgery, we offer high-quality installations for fencing in Plymouth. If your fence is old, rotten or damaged we can replace it for you. We can custom build your new fence to your requirements, using your preferred materials to ensure it fits well within its surroundings.

Our extensive knowledge in fence building means that we not only build fences that last but we can advise you of the best fences to suit the look and feel of your garden.

If you need a fence built call or email so we can give you a professional and cost effective free quote.

We fit all types of new fencing in Plymouth and will prepare the area for you so that the installation go smoothly and you end up with a great looking fence. here are some of the typical types of fence we may use. 

  • Traditional lap Panels
  • Feather edges (close board) 
  • Hit and miss
  • Picket

There are many more types available and what we fit is up to you, we will however be happy to provide guidance and advice for your custom built fence. 

We can even build you a custom gate to fit your garden, why not call for a quote today.

Or something bespoke.

Start You Project

If you have any questions, would like some advice before starting work or are ready to get your project started today, please fill out the contact form, or call Chris.


6 Orchard Rd, Brixton, Plymouth PL8 2FE