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Get in touch with C & H Tree Surgery today for stump grinding in Plymouth. Old tree stumps can be a real pain, especially if they are ill-placed or in the way and that’s why our exceptional and fully qualified team can undertake stump removal operations of stumps of all sizes and in most places. We have the equipment to remove small to medium stumps by complete removal or if preferred we can use a specialty stump grinder to remove stumps. For less problematic stumps we have been known to turn our hand to something more creative, creating lovely stump seating and tables. Call us today directly on 01752 881036 or use or use or contact form to request your FREE quote.

It’s important to invest in Stump Grinding in Plymouth as stumps that are left in the ground at your property can become very unsightly and create a negative first impression to visitors or clients. A decaying stump isn’t pretty and can have an impact on your overall property value and attract creepy critters. Other reasons why stump grinding is essential include;-

• Reduces risk of injury.
• Environmentally Friendly.
• Makes better use of space.
• Makes it easier to mow lawn.

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Tree Stump Grinding Plymouth & Tree Stump Removal Plymouth
Tree Stump Grinding Plymouth & Tree Stump Removal Plymouth


Stump Grinding Vs Removal

Stump grinding and stump removal both come with pros and cons. Choosing the best method for your stump mostly depends on the future plans you have for your landscape. Stump grinding is much less intensive and here, our arborists will use our machinery to completely shreds the stump into small woodchips. Our arborists will discuss stump grinding and removal with all customers before making a decision on the best method and approach. Whatever you choose, you’ll be glad to know that your stump will be removed once and for all.

How Does Stump Grinding Work?

Using industry-leading and exemplary stump grinding equipment, our fully qualified and experts will use the stump grinder to remove the stump that has been left remaining. Thanks to the powerful, rotating blade that rips into the wood as it turns, stump grinding is proven to be a highly effective way of removing the stump. The blades’ teeth will then cut the wood into small pieces before taking the stump down to well below ground level.

Why Choose C & H Tree Surgery?

C & H Tree Surgery have years of experience carrying out all aspect of tree surgery include stump grinding in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. We do everything professionally and efficiently to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We have previously completed hundreds of successful stump grinding projects and we regularly recommend to family and friends thanks to our great work!

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If you’re looking for local and reliable tree surgeons to perform stump grinding in Plymouth or the surrounding areas today, get in touch with us today on 01752 881036. Alternatively, use the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. C & H Tree Surgery has fully approved ARB contractors, is CHAS accredited and is rated within the top three tree surgeons in Plymouth.


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